Shah Rukh Khan Background Check Personality Profile By Bio Rhythms

About this article ?

  • In this article we talk more about the application of Biorhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) for the well know film actor Shahrukh Khan of Indian film industry. we analyse very interestingly on how we could evaluate shah rukh khan only based on Bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms)(solar, lunar and meteoric) using shah rukh khans’ birth date.
  • How without even known him in person we can know much more in details .That is a background check based on simple bio rhythmic magic. 😉
  • so, we cross corroborate personality Shahrukh Khan’s personality and some of his life events based on the same.
    We can add more value to this by psychometric analysis ;if the need be ,else for all practical purposes bio rhythmic magic is good enough.;)

What does the Lunar Biorhythm* say about shahrukh Khan ?

  • so, the game is that doing a simple background check
    one can get best out of Shahrukh Khan’s personality negative talents false and looking at what best is there hidden in him in his background.
  • Now shahrukh Khan was born on 2nd November 1965 , this is a Tuesday .Now here we look at the basic biorhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) of shah rukh khan that he has and creates his first impression to people say in an job interviewing situation.
  • This bio rhythm r cycle gives him the basic strength to run a marathon and yes positivity that’s eye catching.
    so, the natural energy of Shahrukh Khan would again be like blossoming of flowers. The positive and growing energy. so shahrukh khan would have the full force and energy in his personality clearly visible in the interview.
  • people in the interview or even if he is working or a company feel the Springy element in shahrukh khan’s personality.
  • Infact shah rukh khan’s positivity and optimism was visible from the TV show Fauji as well. all these qualities made him the biggest stars of the film industry.
  • At the same time qualities of thunder and explosiveness is there in him. :)which is visible in his anger display in many films like “Darr” etc.
  • so, we naturally know awesome quality of shahrukh khan’s background if he is interviewing or even if he is working for a company. just simply based on bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) .:)
  • all this is confirmed in his actions in various movies and makes shah rukh khan very exclusive and highly action oriented. yes, the spring energy of latent force.
  • Yes, shahrukh khan was very popular : and still is . having this quality of woods in nature gives him grandiose or big ideas .
    This also gives him full energy. so when You hire people like him or you are already managing such people you now you could easily place them in projects entailing high energy levels.
  • enthusiasm levels could be treated as a true nature or background of the person and high energy and optimism is an attitudinal skill close to soft skills.
  • All the above contributes to help us know about his back ground
    we also get to know that shah rukh khan could get bored easily ;). so, such people if in team or company must be utilized best by giving them new challenges.:)
  • spring energy also suggest spontaneity & humour .which is100% true for shahrukh khan if you have watched his movies.
    Yes, he has the charm to win hearts as well. this is 100% true for Shahrukh Khan .
  • yes, one can judge that his person shah rukh khan is also poetic in nature or could become a good composer or an artist like. :0 we know he is a film actor :0 connected to arts.
  • This is a very good quality . which one can very easily figure out in first interaction with him.
    also, while managing anywhere where nay lateral thinking or art is needed we could utilize this well.

How is the shah rukh khan or his type best managed like and employee? 🙂

  • so as one progresses with shah rukh in any company job. They may find him bubblier 🙂 like a mountain. One can clearly see a lot of spirit in him. :)Just like water fountains have tons of energy in them. he is being energetic, this bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) must be handled well.
  • This bio rhythms adds more energy to his roles. so anywhere involving springiness I could utilize on work items. yes, I know by experience that springiness could give more errors. so, any work that entails less errors must eb avoided .
  • also, we note just like fluid need a container – like the banks of any river. so free-spirited nature of Shahrukh Khan had to be bridled by may be putting in more process discipline. as more efforts in the field or conflict with the colleagues may not help the environment around.
  • so, we as managers must properly tune with such person’s fluidity and sensitivity.
    yes, fluids can be serene and philosophical, so this aspect is to eb well utilized for a person like shahrukh khan. like shah rukh khan likes books he in fact takes them well in toilet as well.:)
  • so, if we must manage such a person better at work, we need to provide this environment around for ich better results. like more time for library or may be some philosophical discussions to ease out the instinct to get the best out of the person for the office.
  • we also note that a flexibility of water gives shah rukh khan good artistic ability and writing skills. so anywhere where say writing proposal or customer mails is needed I can utilize this person most effectively with least effort in baselining that guy up 😉 in training needs.
  • The fluid in large quantities has the nature of depth or tranquillity. This could be utilized if I need to groom a person like him for management roles.
  • Sah rukh khan like people due to the bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) or chrono Biological rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) give him good arbitration and cooperation . this can be well utilized in management and team roles or even customer handling.
  • we know that depth of fluid makes him(shah rukh khan) a single minded and that is a reason he is successful .;)
  • The more serene and spiritual nature can be well utilized as person with ethical and spiritual background could be better managed. as he or he has some ethics that they follow.
  • one can always fall back on them and manage the person o the right things he or she should be doing. Also, if this trait is scaled it may also mean that it is not only money that would make a difference for the person like shah rukh khan.

Health issues for Shah Rukh khan and Bio Rhythms – what do they say?

  • Based on shah rukh khan’s Bio rhythms he needs to take care of his Kidneys and bladder system. so, means especially if the employee is older or under stress such signals can always help us to track problems and help employee and organizations beforehand.
  • yes, basically shahrukh khan apparently looks very well fit. But sure, taking more for fluids and right exercise for kidneys etc is much needed for take care of liver
    so, our software gives you proactive ways of handling health .


  • so here we are working above with Shahrukh Khan’s Bio rhythms that are of the type solar, lunar, and meteoric .we look at his overall personality profile or background check.
  • also his talents and his basic stability as well say if he joins a job :). we know 100% for sure that he has survived in the film industry, so all these talents and stability predictions are 100% accurate.
  • we can see this software helps and arguments your natural good sense of judgment for any employee while managing or hiring to help you best manage such people for maximum success for the company or projects 😉
  • so, what else do we need in the background check of any employee ?;) we have all here by the magic of Bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms).:))

Bio Rhythms we Use?

  • we have developed our own framework of Bio rhythms( Chrono Biological Rhythms) that work accurately in predicting Static and dynamic behaviour of human beings.
  • It has been cross validated with lacs of data on internet and practical observations. some idea on the efficiency of the bio rhythms could be gotten from our FREE software.
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What are Bio Rhythms & Chrono Biological Rhythms Of Nature?

About This article ?

  • This article at depth talks about what are biorhythms or chrono biology. how and various kinds of classification of various cycles are given in detail.
  • Further how could the Bio rhythms or basic essence of chrono biology be utilized effectively to significantly enhance productivity, reduce conflicts, or harmony and yes control attrition and other behavioral problems seamlessly.
  • It also talks about what kind of research we have done in this area and our products to help you in Management of people and HR  are suggested.
  • A real life Practical application of our Tool Based Report for a real life Person like delhi chief minister sri Arvind kejriwal is used to show how our  Bio Rhythms based reports could be Highly effective to Solve Most of Your Employee Related matters.;)

What are biorhythms ?

  • so, what is the word name Biorhythm . This is from a Greek word what is the Bios or life and it simply means the repeated rhythms of the life .
  • The biorhythms could be used to predict various aspects of any person’s life and personality.
  • This can be done with simple mathematical cycles finding out probabilistic estimates of what would happen to an individual based on Biorhythms

what are the Kinds of Bio Rhythms?

  • there are 3 kinds of Bio Rhythms that is (i)physical (ii) emotional or (iii)intellectual . so, based on the interplay of physical and emotional and intellectual bio rhythms a lot could be predicted about the behavior of any human being.
  • so, their basic biorhythms of various kind . That is biorhythms that are monthly in nature or the daily ones or even the lunar biorhythms.
  • like lunar ( monthly) and also solar biorhythms and even daily ones very closely impact the mental & emotional Behavior of people.
  • in fact it has been found that people who are insane or not mentally stable are more affected by motion of moon. basically, human being cycles are closely connected with chronobiology
  • It is said that these cycles begin at the time of birth and oscillate In A sine wave expression . plus, they change on a monthly, yearly basis .
  • all this corroborates with feedback of chemical in the human hormonal secretions.
  • now many of the rhythms make use of model of u 23-day physical model biorhythm, a 28-day emotional cycle and we can see 28 days which is same as the lunar movement cycle being used.
  • Yes, the biorhythms of vary from high to low just like a sinusoidal wave so
  • The physical, mental, and emotional biorhythms are represented by various sine waves.

What is chrono Biology ?

  • Now chrono biology is a subset of a field of Biology where periodic things or any events happening periodically in any living organism are studied.
  • One needs to study the organisms adaptation or connection to the Solar or lunar rhythms.
    which is then correlated with adaptation of the organism. Then it is further studied.
  • So in chrono so basically either the molecular mechanism that get involved in biological phenomena That are studies. also, there could be comparison of cycles of various cycles of living organisms.
  • This branch is not limited to comparison of anatomy or Genetics or Molecular Biology that is within biological mechanics. Rather the aspects include reproduction biology cycles and evolution.
  • so here is chrono biological activity of living beings we study the variation in timing of any organism based on many basic biological processes these processes that occur in animals or even human beings.
  • Phenomenon like sleeping , Mating ,hibernating and migration do have cycles.
    The plant photosynthetic reactions and that of rhythms of fungi or Protozoa is well is studies.
  • There is circadian rhythm approximately dusre Kadam rhythm is for the broken down into routine cycles like diurnal(during the day) or nocturnal(that is the night.
  • There are Crepuscular, rhythms are animal or insect movement during dawn and dusk.
    So there are many cycles which are today that’s a renewable or animal cycle that govern migration reproduction cycles for money plants and animals.

what are the various Kind of Chrono biological cycles one could have?

  • >There are Infradian rhythms, which are cycles longer than a day.
    so, there are annual cycles like circannual that govern migration of say birds or animals and also or reproduction cycles in in plant, animal, or human menstrual cycle.
  • > there are Ultradian rhythms, which are cycles that are less than 24 hours, such as the 90-minute REM cycle also the the 4-hour nasal cycle or nadi as we know.
    Yes, the hormone production cycle is the 3-hour cycle .
  • > we also find Tidal rhythms, that are commonly seen in marine & aquatic life, which follow the approximately 12. hour transition from high to low tide and going back.
  • >We also find the Lunar rhythms, which follow the lunar month of 29.5 days. These can be used or applied for marine life, as the level or amplitude of the tides is modulated all over the lunar cycle.
  • > we find Gene oscillations – that is exciting that some genes are expressed more during certain hours of the day than during other hours.

circadian cycle example

  • A circadian cycle was first observed on plant leaves by the French scientist Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan.
  • he was a Swedish botanist and naturalist Carl Linnaeus .
    They designed a flower clock by making use of certain species of flowering plants.
  • The elected species was put in a circular pattern, they designed a clock that indicated the time of day by the looking at flowers 😉 that were open at each given hour of the day.
  • For say the daisy family, he used the hawk’s beard plant which opened its flowers at the time of morning 6:30 am and the hawkbit which did not open its flowers until it was 7 am.

Our Real Life application & Our research :

  • The emotional, physical and intellectual abilities of the person are modeled on a set of cycles we call as the biorhythms.
  • There are advanced models used to depict them correctly which we have refined after years of experience in this field and testing for many real life personalities which have also been often quoted on the site:
  • These cycles or chrono-biological rhythms have varying frequencies and with the calculation from these models one can accurately conclude how these will interplay with each other to result in a set of parameters.
  • These parameters then tells us a lot about the personality and natural traits of a person and also about how the coming days are going to be.
  • The chronobiology rhythms also extend to calculating the cycles in a person’s health – his high and low points.
  • Biorhythms information is loaded with all the information for your holistic needs.
  • Being familiar with your Biorhythms would make you aware of the understanding you need to perform emotional and physical activities and dealing with stressful situations.
  • We currently also inform the customers about the health cycle for the next 12 months.

Practical Real  Life Example of Arvind Kejriwal  Delhi Chief Minister Bio Rhythms by our Tool?

  • Certain things are best explained when accompanied with examples. So here is example from our current report about Chief minister Sample and how his personality fits with what we state.

Does he have a Self-Sacrificing Nature?

  • In the beginning the report says that “The person is generally self sacrificing good grit would do anything for the company or team or delivery.”
  • We all know how the chief minister of Delhi has never hesitated in going for sacrifices, sitting on long dharnas, and generally trying to ensure he gets thing done by having this whatever it takes attitude.

” At the same time There could be good intensity of application changeability or mutability in the personality in day to day work by the person helping in resolving hard technical or management problems.. ”

  • He surely has worked at resolving many hard management problems, introducing new laws, ways of working. Delhi is a place of large size and huge complexity. None of the problems here are simple if you also add in the large pay gap of its residents.

Does he have Perseverance and Combativeness to solve and deal with problems?

  • ” Additionally: The person may be perseverant and focused on purpose. They may show a combative spirit. Fair amount of ego is there. he or she may show adventurous disposition.
  • He has shown perseverance when in the face of work not getting done easily initially he persisted with his policies and always tried to work out some solution. Some of his ideas seemed very “outsider” to all but he tried to persist with them and has implemented them like free electricity and water.

What Kind of Health Issues he may face?

  • We state that these need to be managed carefully: ” poor health , stubbornness, need to be managed effectively for better help in employee performance. “
  • He has not known to maintain the best of health with his cough and throat related problems being long linked to his health issues. He has visited many Ayurveda centers also for these.

Is he an Instinctive Leaders or Needs to be groomed?

  • ” instinctive leaders in their field. A. could have overwhelming ambition & a tendency to dominate in the person and at the cost of emotional life & family
  • ” We know they have this ability to lead. He has formed a party almost single handedly and has been leading it successfully for over 7 years now. What is stated here is that some of these intense activities may actually come at emotional and family life costs, which is true in case of Chief minister Sample .

What are the Other interests, aspects of personality he may have?

  • ” They are generally have good intelligence magnetic, attract people with their good enough intellect, may love music, colors and other artistic things. With inventive nature and more communications “
  • No doubt he has some good brains being a electrical engineer. His ability to start and raise a movement, draw a lot of crowd to his gathering. In other non-political inclinations of his personality, he has also been well known to have interest in movies, having reviewed many movies through his tweets during his first tenure as Chief Minister. So, he surely also has love for music and other artistic things.

How to best utilize Him in a Team or company?

  • So how can a person like Chief minister Sample be best used? As our report states ” They can work and take initiative. They have the enterprising nature to take up larger work as well…. To a Lesser Extent :
    yes the person is bright and could do very well in regard to innovation, new things, and ideas. “
  • We know from this analysis that they have ability of taking up larger project work, that they can be assigned a project based on their ambitious nature of taking initiatives up.
  • Any task which is of large complexity, requiring managerial skills and innovations and where a person with initiative abilities, ambitious nature, innovative is required would be well suited for person with a personality similar to Chief minister Sample .

Conclusions on how the above Science would be applied?

  • So, one can clearly guess how useful the biorhythms or the chrono biology are to model and predict human natal or by birth behavior(what is there in the genetic code :)) . also, how to predict the Human behavior based on various cycles.
  • so, bio rhythms and chrono biology offer a significant breakthrough for us to eb able to predict possible soft skills a person may have or , what would be the likes or dislikes of any person.
  • Plus, how to predict when the cycles of aggression or more exploratory nature ;0 start, and the employee would try to leave the company. 😉 This helps to control attrition.
  • Also, bio rhythms help us to understand how the happiness, sadness or other moods of the employee could come to fore.
  • helping us immensely to enhance productivity, harmony and manage attrition and other emotional issues effectively.
ALSO To Get More Details About The Employee On:
(a)True Background Check
(b)Attrition & Health Matters(when to expect outages or Employee Leaving)
(c)What kind of attitudinal or Soft Skills He Or She Has- Initiative, Communication ability, Problem Solving etc.
(d) Best Utilization of the Employee to Maximize Productivity
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Background Check – what is it All about?

What is this article about?

  • This article looks at what needs to be done for the proactive step of any company to do a sanity background check of any Employee .As it helps to avoid getting the wrong employee onward , legal hassles and productivity and team compatibility issues later
  • The article also looks at various tools that are adopted by companies to do background check like hiring agencies to do a reference check, driver’s license check, credit history checks- and also discusses the gains and drawback for the same.
  • This article at depth also looks at how to do a reference check for salaries an why and how its I so important for you.
  • Along with it very powerful alternative method of doing the same by simple Biorhythms in an instant is discussed . which is again much more detailed and accurate than the former ;).
  • One can try to check this method by trying the FREE services at the end of this article,

what does background check mean?

  • Now background check is an objective evaluation about the character and integrity of any employee being hired or on roll. based on his or her credit card history.
  • It also looks at the driving history or any traffic violations and also may be social media track record to see if any traces are left by the employee.

Additionally, one may have a reference check from previous employers to know about his or her past employment history. This stands as a measure for the person to be able to deliver professionally.

  • *** interestingly there are several alternative ways of back ground check. our biorhythms and psychometric based check get highly accurate and detailed description of any employee. one can try for free as well on the links below.

what are the gains for background check of any employee ?

  • the background check reduces the risk of hiring a wrong employee. that is either a criminal or reducing any team conflicts later in professional life, that may reduce efficiency of the system.
  • as once the employer has full details he or she could easily know whom to hire and even if there are gaps in the personality it could help the employer to take the right corrective action.
  • This helps to enhance the profits of the employee and reduce the risk of the organization. Giving a great boost to the ROI for the organization.
  • also risks like any kind of criminal act by the employee could get reflected on the there could be confidential information leaks as well.. also, if reference check is not done there could be issues in team compatibility and over all reflecting in performance of the person.
  • So, you get to know about any employee say if doing rash driving in the past that behaviour to some extent you can extrapolate to the current behaviour in office. that the person tends to break rules and or be rash. also, someone with credit card fraud you get to know the chance of one doing fraud here in your company. especially if any big amounts are involved.
  • also, one of the chief concerns is the ability to communicate for the employee. additionally, how the employee would deliver or perform.
  • doing the background check very well handles this situation and helps you to do the right selection plus also right management of the employee.
  • that is you know amount of deviant behaviour for the employee based on background check or reference check and helps you to manage the gaps.
  • as in many cases the person may claim to be a high degree holder but may not be so in reality. so, the salary or authority you give to such a person may not have much meaning. as it could act to your detriment.

what are the possible issues in background check of any employee ?
Could there be issues in doing background check ?

  • ye there could be conflict with locals’ laws of privacy if your wat to do background this process has to be kept in line with the local laws.
  • Also, we need to know that there are various laws which are there to safeguarding any employee information or even getting he credit card history. or maybe try to get the criminal history.
  • so, this could mean defamation of the employee.

Sanity check of the employment history

  • In any resume you have tons of information abut dates in which the employee worked for various organizations one of the roles for background check is to check the veracity of the information.
    that is if the information gives in correct.
  • one could also have look at drunken driving or rash driving issues of the employee to get a better feel for matters.
  • One can also get good insights into background by reference to the social media.
    with a speared over workforce across the world. background check is highly needed for people or employees.
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(b)Report 2: Employee Talents,Pitfalls & Soft-Skills Management Report: For Best Utilization of the Employee to Maximize Productivity. What kind of attitudinal or Soft Skills He Or She Has- Initiative, Communication ability, Problem Solving etc.
(c)Report 3:Employee Attrition & Emotional Health Management Report : Helps you control Attrition & Emotional Health Matters of Employees Effectively!(when to expect outages or Employee Leaving).

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