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Overview of The Products We have for you

  1. Employee True Background check Management Report
  2. Employee Soft Skills, Talents & Pitfalls Management Report
  3. Employee Attrition, Happiness & Emotional Health Management Report
  4. Employee Most Suited Work Management

1. Employee True Background check Management Report

  • While managing or Hiring any employee, even if we are with him or her for decades, many personality traits evade us or are not obvious.
  • also, we may have many questions regarding:
  • Say the overall Core Personality of the Employee?
  • What kind of things motivates or demotivates your employee? Is the Employee Stress prone or not and how much under work pressures? Or Is the employee more hands-on oriented or theoretical?
  • How could we improve the deliveries or performance of the employee? how he or she is more inclined to solve problems( intuitive, logical, or creative approach or some other)? Plus what are the areas that need counselling for more improvement
  • This report gives you all these answers in good detail. An asset for any company manager.

2. Employee Soft Skills, Talents & Pitfalls Management Report

  • It always helps to know the natural talents, abilities and downside or pitfalls of any employee to get the best out of him and create a win-win in any system.
  • also how the employee could contribute to technology and how not? 🙂 Plus we are always curious about what is the Kind of soft skills like Initiative the employee has naturally.
  • Or Communication ability? Or say the ability to follow a disciplined or say process?
  • ability to innovate to think differently :)?The natural ability to cooperate with other team members etc? also and how to harness all this for practical benefits for any company.
  • So this report helps you to answer and good length all the above questions a must for any manager or company.

3. Employee Attrition, Happiness & Emotional Health Management Report

  • One of the core concerns we have is job stability or attrition related issues for any employee? we also want to know emotional stability or say family stability and health issues proactively to be able to handle the outages much better?
  • so this report best helps you answer all the above factors for coming 12 months and giving fairly accurate predictions of high probability to high chance predictions month by month for the employee.
  • So the report is a must for any company or manager.

4. Employee Most Suited Work Management Report

  • We always look for the best fitting job for any employee to keep the employee happy and also get the best out of the job. But this rarely happens:).
  • this report at tells you what kind of work type or Role would naturally be enjoyed by the employee for the best yield.
  • Now, this knowledge would always help any manager or company to align oneself with the work assignments for the best results.

5. Employee & Team Harmonizer 🙂

Girl in a jacket

  • We have competitiveness and conflicts in almost every situation coming mostly due to certain personality traits or behaviors.
  • This report tells you to create a low conflict Teams and Gives Powerful tips to Manage individual and Team related conflict matters to enhance performance & Happiness.
  • So you enjoy Maximum efficiency and Minimal conflicts and Much more happiness, Productivity at the Employee, Team or Company Level .