Company Employee Data Capture FORM

Let The Science of Chrono-biology of Nature &; Bio-metrics sciences Help you In doing Best Employee Management to Boost your Performance significantly !
Please fill in as Accurate & Complete Information in the Form Below, for Best Results.

Employee ID (like emp1 etc.)

Filling Up the Name etc. of the Employee- this is Optional , so one could leave this blank as well
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Psychometric Questions for you- Fill up 1 for YES fill up the button with mouse click , leave it blank for NO

  • Do You make friends easily
  • Do You have a vivid imagination
  • Do You worry about things
  • Do You love large parties
  • Do You believe in the importance of art
  • Do you like fast driving
  • Do you like greenery
  • Do you like deserts.
  • Do you like mountains
  • Is getting angry OK for you?
  • Do you like sweets ?
  • Do you like salty taste?
  • so you like sour taste?
  • For Solar and Lunar Rhythms please give date of Birth below?
    Date of birth