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Brief Overview of our suite of 6 products

1. Employee True Background check Management Report

While managing or Hiring any employee, even if we are with him or her for decades, many personality traits evade us or are not obvious.

Also, we may have many questions regarding: Say the overall Core Personality of the Employee?

What kind of things motivates or demotivates your employee? Is the Employee Stress prone or not and how much under work pressures? Or Is the employee more hands-on oriented or theoretical?

2. Employee Soft Skills , Talents & Pitfalls Management Report

It always helps to know the natural talents, abilities and downside or pitfalls of any employee to get the best out of him and create a win-win in any system.

How the employee could contribute to technology and how not? What kind of soft skills he/she has naturally like taking initiative, innovate, ability to follow a disciplined process? The natural ability to cooperate with other team members etc?

Also how to harness all this for practical benefits for any company.

3. Employee Attrition, Happiness & Emotional Health Management Report

One of greatest fear of any employer is losing employee. We also want to know emotional stability or say family stability and health issues proactively to be able to handle the outages much better?

So this report best helps you answer all the above factors for coming 12 months and giving fairly accurate predictions of high probability to high chance predictions month by month for the employee.

4. Employee Most Suited Work Management Report

We always look for the best fitting job for any employee to keep the employee happy and also get the best out of the job. But this rarely happens:). This report at least tells you what kind of work would naturally be enjoyed by the employee for the best yield.

Now, this knowledge would always help any manager or company to align oneself with the work assignments for the best results.


Here are some of the Comments we received from our Customers.

Company Employee Data Capture FORM

Let The Science of Chrono-biology of Nature &; Bio-metrics sciences Help you In doing Best Employee Management to Boost your Performance significantly ! Please fill in as Accurate & Complete Information in the Form Below, for Best Results. Employee ID (like emp1 etc.) Filling Up the Name etc. of the Employee- this is Optional , so one could leave this blank as well First Name Middle Name (if any, else leave blank) Last Name(Sirname) Male Psychometric Questions for you- Fill up 1 for YES fill up the button with mouse click , leave it blank for NO
  • Do You make friends easily
  • Do You have a vivid imagination
  • Do You worry about things
  • Do You love large parties
  • Do You believe in the importance of art
  • Do you like fast driving
  • Do you like greenery
  • Do you like deserts.
  • Do you like mountains
  • Is getting angry OK for you?
  • Do you like sweets ?
  • Do you like salty taste?
  • so you like sour taste?
  • For Solar and Lunar Rhythms please give date of Birth below? Female Date of birth //       

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